DREADLOCKS STORY is a historical page which exhibits the bonds of survival of African and Indian culture in Jamaica in view of up-front anti-slavery and anti-imperialist struggles! Due to British colonists, Indians and African descendants have met in the plantations and created something absolutely unique and indispensable to express what they had been oppressed by.


My Reggae filled summer

This summer i desided unlike the previous years to actually plan ahead and make my dream to visit as much reggae festivals as I could.  My plan was to emerce myself in the spiritual and love vibes. The people, the music, the food, the style and essentially getting back to basic by camping. 

It was the best time I ever had so far. First I went to Summerjam Festival in Koln Germany, then I went to Reggae Geel in Belgium and last but not least I went to Reggae Sundance in Liempe, Netherlands. 

And let me tell you it was an adventure. I got exactly what I wanted. I got to meet Selectah Yaadcore, DJ for Protoje but best known for his Reggae Aroma Shows and the DUBWISe nights. Ive had a crush on him for ages and saw him once in Melkweg at the Protoje concert and he was like RIGHT there but i was to scared to asked for a picture. So i was definitely on a mission to get that fixed. 


My next mission was to see Jesse Royal, the Small Axe perform. And if possible to get a picture with him. I was literally in Ecstasy when he came on stage at Reggae Geel. Like so.


Second time I saw him at Reggae Sundance I got an even bigger gift then a pic with him. HE SANG TO ME.. YES YOU HEARD ME, HE SANG TO ME.. <3  I was dancing and enjoying the music and i was singing along with his Song Butterflies. “she says my smile mek her wanna tek a pen and start writing” that part.. and he looked me dead in the eye and sang and sang.. image

and everyone started noticing and starting looking at me. I was in heaven. And I looked something like this: 


Oh also I got to see the Man himself BIG YOUTH. His style is insane. He is crazy and stylish and a great entertainer. He definitely got the crowd going. 


And I liked his outfit so much i went out to get me an shirt like this also.. <3